As you’re driving along I-25 through Monument this time of year, off to the west a beautiful star on Sundance Mountain shines brightly after dusk. For a split second, the sight makes us forget this terrible, horrible, no good very bad year (thanks Alexander!).


Thank goodness the pandemic didn’t stop the Christmas Star from lighting up the Tri-Lakes area this year, and it didn’t stop the 87-year holiday tradition of the Yule Log hunt and celebration there from bringing cheer in the midst of our gloom. But most traditions haven’t been so lucky this holiday season.


I was 12 when our family did our first Yule Log hunt. Our first Christmas in Colorado, I remember the carols filling the snowy air, my first taste of Wassail and the hunt up the mountain in the crunchy snow for the notched log. The lucky soul that found the log was hailed as a hometown hero as they rode the log back down!

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