Our kids are not ok. Children’s Hospital just declared a mental health emergency for the first time ever. We have the 6th highest teen suicide rate in the country and almost double the nation’s average. We have one of the highest rates of teenage drug use in the country, 5th overall. Only 39% of third graders met or exceeded grade level expectations in literacy in Colorado this year, and just 28% of fourth graders met or exceeded expectations in math.

We deserve better.

  • On day one I will get to work addressing the mental health crisis and rising suicide rates here in Colorado among our children. It’s all hands-on deck. We need parents, therapists, educators, non-profits, and others to build a robust early warning system that works to put our kids back on track and get them the support they need to keep them safe.
  • I will address the learning loss over the last 2 years and close the gaps in our education system, and ensure we are funding our students, not the system.
  • I will implement a trades scholarship program and industry and student partnerships to help our young people, and our Colorado job creators, create the workforce of the future.

I will be a Governor for all of Colorado, for the people and the job creators in our great state. I’ll work hard to be a strong voice for our small towns, our energy workers, our ranchers, and farmers. I’m committed to conserving our water rights, protecting our forests, and making our air clean again. I’ll fight on behalf of every mom working tirelessly to keep her family on track. Most of all, I’ll listen. I’m a problem solver, not a politician. I’m excited to get to work!


As your Governor, and as the daughter of a police officer, I will be tough on crime and work hard to make our neighborhoods safe again.

Homicides are up 50% in Denver since 2019. Car theft is up 111% in the metro area since 2019. Violent criminal offenses are the highest rate they’ve been since 1990. Property crimes jumped 8% this year, dwarfing U.S. rates, which fell for the 18th consecutive year.

We deserve better. 

  • I will reinstate bail in Colorado and appoint a strong parole board that will enforce sentences to keep our streets safe. We’ll strive to help those convicted reform their lives but repeat violent offenders will face severe consequences.
  • I will allocate resources to better fund our public safety to improve law enforcement training and build better community relationships. 
  • I will clean up our streets and neighborhoods by tackling homelessness head on with compassion and focusing on mental health and addiction treatment.

Cost of Living IS OUT OF CONTROL

I will roll up my sleeves and do all I can to prioritize making it easier to work, live, and raise a family in Colorado.  

Inflation is exploding, taxes, fees, and regulations are driving up costs for small business owners and childcare is a huge expense for working families. The average cost of living in Colorado is 5% higher than the national average.

We deserve better.

  • I will reduce the burden on working families, while improving efficiencies for everyday operations like the DMV, building permits, and small business licensing. 
  • I will hold the line on fees and taxes and lower them when possible.
  • I will streamline regulations to help local job creators like our childcare providers, restaurants and local retail, our ranchers, and our energy workers. 
  • I will address the soaring costs of college, fueling for our cars, natural gas for our homes, and the house shortage that’s making it so expensive to live in our great state.

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