I’ve felt deep, deep sadness this week for the 19 million women and girls across the earth in Afghanistan.


Eleven million women in America head back to college in the coming weeks and 144 women sit in our U.S. Capitol leading our country. Sadly, the women now ruled by the Taliban face a sudden and horrifying shift in their lives that we can’t fathom here.


When the Taliban ruthlessly ruled last, women were barely able to leave the house. They were forced into marriages, as young as 12, and had to give up any hope of having an education.


Brutal stories of beatings, rape, and beheadings for women who pushed back are haunting. Bibi Aisha had her ears and nose cut off for trying to escape her forced husband who abused her.


This wasn’t in some distant barbaric time; it was just 20 years ago there.

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