PRESS RELEASE: Jared Polis Prioritizes His Green New Deal Over Colorado Children
August 11, 2022


Heidi for Governor


Jared Polis Prioritizes His Green New Deal Over Colorado Children


Greenwood Village, CO – Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Heidi Ganahl is questioning the priorities of Governor Jared Polis concerning Colorado’s children in light of this week’s press conference on Polis’ push to make all school buses electric.

“Governor Polis is spending $65 million on electric school buses when 60% of Colorado kids cannot read or do math at grade level. I’m all for electric vehicles, and renewable energy, but we clearly have bigger problems in this state. Where are your priorities Jared Polis and Joe Biden?” asked Ganahl.

Each electric school bus costs nearly $400,000 and is subsidized by federal and state taxpayer dollars. This is yet another example of Polis prioritizing his radical agenda over the imminent needs of hard-working Coloradans and their children.

Teachers make an average of $51,000 in Colorado, with rural teachers making far less; this money could be used to pay our teachers more. This money could be used to help provide the school supplies that teachers are being forced to pay for out of their own pockets. Or, this money could be used to increase our per pupil funding which stands at $7,225.28.

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