PRESS RELEASE: It Has Been a Bad Two Weeks for Jared Polis
August 8, 2022


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It Has Been a Bad Two Weeks for Jared Polis


Greenwood Village, CO – It’s been a rough two weeks for Governor Jared Polis. Two weeks ago, a Denver Post piece surfaced about the indefensible behavior of his Emergency Management Director, Mike Willis. Since then, Polis has refused to answer any questions about how long he has known about this and why he has not held Willis accountable. To distract from his failures, Polis has launched an expensive and time-consuming investigation into the workplace environment at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

And, just this past week, Polis sent what he calls an “instructional letter” along with your TABOR refund check. In reality, it is a campaign flyer dropped in that attempts to take credit for what he has shamefully renamed the “Colorado Cash Back”. Polis spent nearly $3 million in taxpayer money to make sure these checks were in mailboxes before the November election. A campaign finance violation has been filed against him for using state dollars to campaign for his reelection.

Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Heidi Ganahl is waiting for Polis to address both of these situations. First, she has called on Polis to fire Mike Willis and explain the reason for his inaction. Second, she has called on Polis to file his TABOR stunt as a campaign expenditure and repay the people of Colorado for the $3 million he spent without their approval.

“I’m surprised Governor Polis did not mail TABOR refund checks out with our ballots. Colorado needs a leader who will be transparent and honest. We should not have to wait one more day for Governor Jared Polis to address these important issues. Polis should focus on taking ownership for his missteps, instead of pulling another Joe Biden, and hiding from tough decisions while he hopes Coloradans are too busy worrying about affording their everyday lives to focus on yet another one of his personal leadership failures,” says Ganahl.


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