PRESS RELEASE: Ganahl Campaign Launches Women’s Coalition, Ganahl Gals
March 23, 2022

Ganahl Campaign Launches Women’s Coalition, Ganahl Gals: Hundreds of Women Signed Up Ahead of Launch

Greenwood Village, CO — Heidi for Governor announces the launch of The Ganahl Gals, a women’s coalition that will identify, recruit and empower women across the state who are dedicated to helping Heidi Ganahl win the governor’s election this November.

Women like Heidi are leading the charge to turn around Colorado. Earlier this year, women overtook the majority of active voters in Colorado, with a turnout that is 5% higher than men.

The issues voters care about the most this election are those in the home, around the kitchen table – lowering our cost of living, lowering our soaring crime rate, and giving power back to the parents over their children’s education.

There will be a kick-off event at 9 am on March 29th at the Denver Christian School in Lakewood, Colorado.  More than 600 women have joined the group ahead of its launch.

Women who are interested in joining the growing movement can sign up at: Those interested in attending the kick-off, including media, must RSVP at

Media Contact:
Lexi Swearingen
Communications Director, Heidi for Governor
[email protected]


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