PRESS RELEASE: Ganahl Campaign Launches Latino Coalition
September 30, 2022


Heidi for Governor

Ganahl Campaign Launches Latino Coalition

Greenwood Village, CO — The Heidi Ganahl Gubernatorial Campaign is pleased to announce the successful launch of its Latino Coalition. This group of small business owners, community leaders, faith leaders, and parents is mobilizing to activate the more than 219,000 Latino voters around Colorado.

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The Coalition is chaired by Jacqueline Bouvier, an important leader in Colorado’s Hispanic and faith communities.

“I support Heidi because she is a Mom on a Mission to fix Colorado.  21% of Colorado’s population is Latino, over 1 million people. All of them are looking forward to an opportunity to afford to live here, save our children from deadly drugs, help educate children and allow them an opportunity to succeed, and reduce crime. Heidi is the perfect person to make this change happen. As a Latino Coalition we will create awareness and inform others of Heidi’s plans and her heart for Latinos in our state,” Jaqueline Bouvier.

Our campaign is seeing an excitement for Heidi’s message of lowering crime, the cost of living, and prioritizing our children among Latinos. Like all Coloradans, this key part of our community is concerned about inflation and the fact it’s become too expensive to live and raise a family in our beautiful state. The excitement is echoed by other key members of our coalition.

“I’m supporting Heidi and Danny because they are the right team for the right time. Colorado is at a cross roads. Too many people are hurting and the trajectory of our state is going in the wrong direction. Heidi and Danny can correct and get us back on track,” Felix Lopez, Las Animas County Comissioner.

“I support Heidi and Danny because they have good moral values and they listen to everyone. They want to support those who have nothing. They are a voice for immigrants in the state of Colorado. ” Carlos Calandreli, President of Worldwide Christian Chaplains

Those interested in joining our Latino Coalition or any of the campaign’s other coalitions can head to

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