Fort Morgan Times: Creating opportunity reason Danny Moore is running for Colorado lieutenant governor
July 21, 2022

There are a number of reasons Danny Moore says he accepted the call from Heidi Ganahl, the Republican nominee for Colorado governor, to serve as her running mate and seek to be lieutenant governor, but it boils down to just one word.


“Opportunity,” he said. “Opportunity for our children to learn and compete on the highest national level. Opportunity for people to start families and buy a home. Opportunity for people to do more than exist, but have opportunities.”


Ganahl, her party’s only present statewide-elected official, defeated Greg Lopez in the Republican Party primary last month, earning 53.9% of the vote. About 100,000 more votes were cast in the Republican Party primary election for governor than in the unopposed Democratic Party primary featuring Gov. Jared Polis, who is seeking re-election. They will meet Nov. 8 in the general election to decide Colorado’s next governor.


“She’s a proven leader,” Moore said, noting Ganahl’s business acumen. “Its hard to measure up against that. She has proven the ability to work across the aisle, and has proven the ability to work throughout Colorado.”

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