Heidi is fighting for the Colorado way of life every single day. A growing number of community leaders, members of law enforcement, elected officials, parents, and co-workers agree: Heidi is the best person to lead our beautiful state. She has beat out far-left liberals in the past, and she WILL do it again this November. Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date on all of Heidi’s endorsements.

Elise Stefanik Endorsement

Elise Stefanik

GOP House Conference Chair

Steve Reams Endorsement

Steve Reams

Weld County Sheriff

Mike Peterson Endorsement

Mike Peterson

Douglas County School Board President

Hank Brown Endorsement

Hank Brown

Former Republican Senator of Colorado

The Colorado Springs Gazette Endorsement

The Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial Board

Full endorsement found HERE

Governor Bill Owens Endorsement

Bill Owens

Former Governor of Colorado

Eli Bremer Endorsement

Eli Bremer

USA Olympian & Former GOP Candidate for Senate

John Suthers Endorsement

John Suthers

Mayor of Colorado Springs and Former CO Attorney General

Stephanie Piko Endorsement

Stephanie Piko

Centennial Mayor

Elise Stefanik Endorsement

Stand for Health Freedom

Steve Reams Endorsement

Dustin Zvonek

Aurora City Council Member

Mike Peterson Endorsement

Maralee Mclean

Executive Director of Moms Fight Back

Elise Stefanik Endorsement

Byron Pelton

Logan County Commissioner & Candidate for State Senate District 1

Steve Reams Endorsement

Cleave Simpson

Colorado State Senator

Mike Peterson Endorsement

Danielle Jurinsky

Aurora City Council Member

Fort Morgan Times endorsement

The Fort Morgan Times

Full endorsement found HERE

Ross Kaminsky Endorsement

Ross Kaminsky

Radio Host on KOA

The Durango Herald Endorsement

The Durango Herald

Full endorsement found HERE

Jason Dunn Endorsement

Jason Dunn 

Former Trump Appointed US Attorney

Laura Carno Endorsement

Laura Carno

Executive Director of FASTER Colorado

Todd Hills Endorsement

Todd Hills

Owner of Wide Open Saloon

Kevin Grantham Endorsement

Kevin Grantham

Fremont County Commissioner & Former CO State Senate President

Rep. Matt Soper Endorsement

Representative Matt Soper

Colorado State Representative (R-HD54)

Tim Payne Endorsement

Tim Payne

Former Fremont County Commissioner

Ken Montera Endorsement

Steffan Tubbs

Radio Host – 710 KNUS

Glen Gallegos endorsement

Zach Burke

Former Republican Candidate for CO Governor

Sue Sharkey Endorsement

John & Maria Castillo

Parents of Hero Kendrick Castillo and Advocates for School Safety

Ken Montera Endorsement

Ken Montera

CU Regent (R-CD5)

Glen Gallegos endorsement

Glen Gallegos

CU Regent (R-CD3)

Sue Sharkey Endorsement

Sue Sharkey

CU Regent (R-CD4)

Steve Bosley Endorsement

Steve Bosley

CU Regent Emeritus

John Carson Endorsement

John Carson

CU Regent Emeritus

Chance Hill Endorsement

Chance Hill

CU Regent Emeritus

Jeff Fry Endorsement

Jeff Fry

Former GOP 2022 CO Gubernatorial Candidate & Civil Inspector

Christine Coleman Endorsement

Reverend Christine Coleman

Pastor, Blazing Holy Fire Ministries

Steve Sundberg Endorsement

Steve Sundberg

Aurora City Councilman

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