PRESS RELEASE: Election Year Polis Rewrites His TABOR History, Claiming Credit for Refunds
August 3, 2022


Heidi for Governor

Greenwood Village, CO — It should not be news that Governor Jared Polis is holding yet another press conference to attempt to take credit for the very same TABOR refund he and his far-left friends tried to kill a couple of years ago. Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Heidi Ganahl is setting the record straight.

“This is the height of hypocrisy. Election Year Jared would like us to believe that he is saving Coloradans money. In reality, Jared Polis is trying to use your money to buy votes for his reelection. Let’s be clear, this is YOUR $750 dollars, not his to give back,” said Ganahl.

“Polis claims this money will ‘help Colorado families afford rising prices and gas.’ What would actually help hardworking Coloradans is energy policies that do not crush our oil and gas industry and send gas and supply prices higher, fewer taxes like Polis’ impending gas tax, and fewer regulations that allow our small businesses to thrive.”

Election Year Polis Rewrites History on TABOR






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Governor Polis asked and answered a couple of important questions during his press conference, but you deserve the real answers, rather than the spin he provided.

“How did we get here?” The real answer to that is record spending in a record high budget with more and more taxes Polis that pushes around the voters by calling them fees.

“Why did we move this up a year?” The real answer to that is very simple, this is an election year.


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