PRESS RELEASE: Ganahl Campaign Calls Polis Out for Illegal Election Stunt Using TABOR Refunds
August 4, 2022


Heidi for Governor


Ganahl Campaign Calls Polis Out for Illegal Election Stunt Using TABOR Refunds


Greenwood Village, CO – Governor Jared Polis is spending $3 million Colorado tax dollars on an election year ploy the Ganahl campaign believes is a campaign violation. It will cost Colorado taxpayers $3 million to expedite TABOR tax refunds so that voters receive them before the November 8th election.

The $750 tax refund checks Coloradans are being mailed are accompanied by a letter that does not include a disclaimer and only refers to the refund using the PR name Polis’ campaign team has created, “Colorado Cash Back.”

Under the election law Jared Polis signed in 2019, this is an electioneering violation, a complaint has been filed.  It is illegal to use state money to further your campaign. Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Heidi Ganahl is outraged for Colorado taxpayers.

“Using taxpayer dollars for a very expensive campaign ploy is unacceptable. I call on Jared Polis to report this as a campaign expenditure and pay back the people of Colorado. Jared Polis has said he’s willing to spend up to $70 million of his own dollars on this election. He should use some his money to pay Coloradans back for this campaign stunt,” said Ganahl.

“This is the height of hypocrisy. Just two years ago, Jared Polis tried to kill TABOR. I spent almost a year defending TABOR when I chaired No on Prop CC. As governor, I will be honest and transparent about how my administration spends your money.”

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