Dan Caplis: Former Trump advisor Brad Pascale on supporting Heidi Ganahl for governor
June 15, 2022

“I’ve always said to people, and I’ve gone around the country and trying to support candidates right now. It’s not about trying to find the perfect candidates [it’s about] trying to find the right candidate that can win…”


“It takes people who are fighters people who know business, people who really love this country. Who want to fight for it… It’s who’s got the chops to go up and fight.”


“And I think you see that I think Heidi also what was unique with her she’s, I think she’s MAGA in her whole life. What she’s done. She’s an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a survivor. She’s from flyover country in a way like this is the type of person that MAGA is for but the same time independents and mothers can relate to her.”

-Brad Pascale, Former Advisor and Campaign Manager for President Trump

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