Heidi's Conservative Credentials

As the only statewide elected Republican, Heidi has been fighting for Colorado Freedom on the frontlines.

Heidi Ganahl is a mom, wife, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She also currently serves as the only statewide elected Republican in Colorado as the at-large member of the CU Board of Regents. She was raised by a family that instilled within her the importance of defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights, freedom, and personal responsibility. As someone who invests in her community, Heidi:

  • Co-chaired the winning ‘No on Proposition CC’ effort to protect TABOR by traveling the state and building awareness
  • Co-chaired ‘No on Prop 113’ to protect and preserve the electoral college. Her efforts had her traveling the state, doing media, ads, and donating/raising thousands of dollars.
  • Is the daughter of a police officer who was taught at an early age to respect law and order and gun rights. She is a strong defender of the second amendment. She feels gun legislation, including magazine restrictions, that have passed in our state over the last few years are too restrictive. She believes our 2nd Amendment rights must be protected.
  • Is pro life. She believes exceptions should be made for the rare and terrible instances of rape, incest, and the life of the mother and child. She feels the current abortion law signed by Jared Polis is disgusting and should be repealed and replaced. Coloradans are not extremists. Heidi will do everything in her power to change our current abortion law.
  • Is an outspoken conservative leader on the CU Board of Regents as a statewide-elected Republican and has passed regent law reforms protecting free speech, promoting civics education, reducing Heidi CU Regentcosts of college, and improving transparency of costs. Heidi has also fought for due process in Title IX policy, conservative students, faculty, and staff, and chaired the Presidential search committee that resulted in the hiring of a conservative University President at CU. Heidi also played a pivotal role in supporting the student body leadership at CU Boulder to pass free speech legislation at the state capitol.
  • Launched the Free to Be Coalition, an effort to support free speech and viewpoint diversity at CU through hosting debates for students to hear both sides of important issues. Past events include Nigel Farage debating Vincente Fox, Bobby Kennedy Jr. debating Alex Epstein, and Sara Carter to discuss the opioid epidemic.
  • For years served as Chairwoman of Job Creators Network’s Board of Directors – a non-profit (started by Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot) that fights for small business owners across America. As Chair, Heidi was on the frontlines of Job Creator Network’s successful effort to pass the Trump tax cut.
  • Launched an Inc. 500 business named Camp Bow Wow and grew it into theHeidi Ganahl, Founder of Camp Bow Wow country’s largest pet care franchise with over 150 locations.
  • Co-chaired the winning effort to pass Amendments Y and Z on redistricting – if Colorado had not passed it the Dem-controlled legislature would have had full reign on the remapping, it’s now more balanced.
  • Founded her own non-profit, the Fight Back Foundation, which mentors and financially supports social entrepreneurs in Colorado. It’s helped launch efforts on school safety, family court reform, foster care, teen suicide, marijuana use, and teen sexual assault.
  • Built SheFactor—a digital and live community to support young women by empowering them to pursue a life they love. Heidi also authored the book “She Factor” to share her stories of overcoming adversity and living a fulfilling life.