As our government leaders bicker over meager handouts, shuttering businesses and who they deem worthy of vaccinations, a mom I know is sleeping in an isolation jail cell just miles away from my home, sick with COVID. She was issued one thin blanket to cover her as she shakes with the chills. The jail staff only check on her a couple times a day.


I’m not allowed to use her name, even if she is OK with it, as the judge put a gag order on her, and anyone trying to help her.


What’s her crime? She dared to post about her custody case, asking for help from her friends on Facebook. This case isn’t just a tussle over child support or parenting time, the battle is over her unwavering belief in what her children told her and many others, that they were sexually abused by their father. Our family court doesn’t believe the kids. Or her.

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